I'm  Mark Lowe

Although I became a regular gym go-er in my 40s and getting reasonably fit, I found I plateaued as I hit 50. I wasn't getting the results I was looking for and I was gaining the 'wrong' weight. At 51 I was introduced to barbell training and that transformed everything for me.

I'm curating tips, tricks, general information, and learnings from my own experience for anyone looking to be fit at 50 plus.

Learning to Squat over 50

What does it mean to learn to barbell squat when you are over 50?

I share my experience going from absolute beginner to becoming an enthusiast.

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So today as I write this I saw an article shared by someone on a Facebook Group where the author of the article said that after the age of 40 one has to modify their training habits.Initially I thought to myself, yes this would be correct - after all we all change physiologically and recognizing this and training around this we can still make progress... assuming maintaining or building muscle

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