VLOG: Decided to enter a meet and trying to fix my “Butt Wink” 

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​So after nine months of continuous training with my coach Nick on the powerlifting moves I have decided that I will enter myself for my first powerlifting meet. I'm obviously still a novice but after doing some research I realize that a meet is when you push yourself to see what you can really do.  In effect you are just trying to compete against yourself. When I realized this I saw the benefit and it made sense as an achievable goal.


​Attempt to fix "Butt Wink"

​Towards the end of 2018 I had been a doing a lot of high bar squatting and we think this has contributed to me developing posterior pelvic tilt, or what is more colloquially known as Butt Wink. Basically when hitting depth my hips are moving forward, which then makes my knees more forward. It can be seen by a bobble of the bar path and creates a loss of power.  I show this in the vlog and how we're attempting to fix it.

We have stopped all high bar squatting and concentrated on low bar, especially with the focus on the meet in June.

Initially I thought this was physical in that certain muscles were out of balance causing the tilt to happen. My coach though gave me two new items to address the issue. The first was what is known as "the terribly useful block of wood" or TUBOW, and the second is a box placed at the height of depth. The TUBOW (a foam roller) is placed ahead of the knee track and acts as a cue for me to not move my knees forward - if they did move forward they would knock the TUBOW over. The box is there to train my brand on where depth is - as soon as I touch it I have to bounce back up to the upright position.

​Both of these methods have worked in so far as a I can get a nice vertical bar path without any deviation. This must mean that it was my mind firing the wrong signals in the posterior chain and repetition using these training tools will hopefully rewire the brain to fire everything correctly. The test comes when the TUBOW and box are removed!


I'm Mark and I am an entrepreneur and IT specialist by trade, but have become an avid fan of strength training - especially for people fifty and above.  I love writing about my strength training journey and sharing my experiences so that it may inspire others to do the same.

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