9 Month Barbell Training Milestone – Weight Loss! 

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Weight Loss from Barbell Training

So I wanted to share an update as I enter my ninth month of regular three times a week barbell training.  As a reminder, although I was a regular gym-goer three times a week, I had never done any barbell training at all.  Whilst my strength was ok the scale was not being kind to me and I peaked out at 204lbs in May of 2018.  Today is March 3rd, 2019 and I am really happy to say that I have lost 10 lbs in that time without putting myself in any calorie restricted diet.  Indeed I would say that I am probably eating more than I did before, especially my breakfast.

The Scale Doesn't Tell Everything

What the number on the scale doesn't say is how my whole body has been re-proportioned.  My traps have definitely grown, primarily from the deadlifting.  I did have some man boob going on and that has hardened up to be a fuller chest.  My wife says I stand and sit much more upright than I used to.  My lats have grown giving me a much more V shape than I ever had before.  However, what has pleased me the most is the vanishing of the love handles! The big lumps that were over my kidneys had been growing bigger and bigger over the years... they have gone for the most part.


Narrower Waistline!

The real reason for this post was a milestone, not only in terms of time, but today I had my trusty belt go in a whole notch.  I felt compelled to take a photo as the space between the notches isn't that small.  As you can see the third notch has been my usual place, although I was edging to the second with my weight gain.  Now I'm down to the fourth!  Indeed I'm thinking that my 34" waist jeans may have to be replaced with 32".  If not now, then certainly soon at this rate.

But My Strength Has Increased

So it seems to me to be somewhat of an anomaly that I have lost overall weight but my strength has increased.  How do I know that my strength has increased? Well I'm able to squat, press, bench and deadlift more weight for more reps with more control than when I started.  It's actually quite easy to measure the progress of strength through regular workouts... the loss of weight is just a really nice byproduct!

​I'm a Believer in Barbell Training

​I will admit that before I started to learn about barbell training I was highly skeptical that it would do anything for me except break my back!  The notion that a 51 year old could learn how to lift heavy and not end up ​n hospital just wasn't realistic to me.  I did everything to stay away from barbells for these reasons.

Left to my own devices I probably would have got myself into trouble.  I just happen to be fortunate enough to come under the tutorledge of a State powerlifting champion and certified coach who has guided my form and my programming in a safe and enjoyable way.

With the caveat of learning under qualified guidance I am now a convert and a true believer that barbell training is the way to be in the best shape of your life, even (and especially) in your fifties!


I'm Mark and I am an entrepreneur and IT specialist by trade, but have become an avid fan of strength training - especially for people fifty and above.  I love writing about my strength training journey and sharing my experiences so that it may inspire others to do the same.

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